Nuccio's Nurseries
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Nuccio's Nurseries

Donnan's Dream(n)

Medium to large, formal double, whitewashed and shaded ...

Dorothy Gish

Hose-in-hose, orange salmon.

Dorothy James (S)

White at base shading to pale blush pink, with rose band on ...

Double Rainbow(n)

Semi-double white bordered rose. Medium upright growth.

Dr. Bergman

Semi-double variegated, coral rose center to pink with ...

Dr. Burnside

Dark red. Medium to large, semi-double to peony form. ...

Dr. clifford Parks (R)

Very large, rich red, anemone form. Vigorous, upright ...

Dr. Louis Plizzi

(Saluenensis-Reticulata hybrid) White shaded orchid pink. ...

Dr. Tinsley

Very pale pink at base to deeper pink at edge. Medium, ...

Drama Girl

Deep salmon rose pink.Very large, semi-double. M.

Dream Boat (S)

Bright orchid pink. Medium to large. Formal double with ...

Duc De Rohan

Single salmon with rose throat.

E.G. Waterhouse

(S) Light pink. Medium, formal double. M-L.

E.G. Waterhouse -var-

Variegated form of E.G. Waterhouse. Very beautiful high ...

Easter Morn

Very large, pale orchid pink, loose peony. Large, glossy ...

Easter Parade

Large ruffled, hose-in-hose, pink mottled white.


White. Large to very large semi-double to loose anemone ...


Large, semi-double. Pink. Vigorous upright, somewhat ...

Egao Corkscrew(n)

(Probably a Sasanqua-Japonica hybrid). Outstanding ...

El Dorado (SP)

Light pink. Large, full peony form. M.

Elaine's Betty

Sport of Betty Sheffield Coral. Light coral pink with ...

Elana Nobile

Flame red. Medium, rose form double. Upright growth. L.

Eleanor Hagood

Pale pink. Medium, formal double. L.

Eleanor Hartin Supreme

Medium to large, semi-double. Red with heavy white ...