Nuccio's Nurseries
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Nuccio's Nurseries

Pink Showers

Large semi-double pink. Low, cascading growth.

Pink Perfection

Shell pink. Small, formal double. E-L.

Pink Pearl

Large, double, pale pink.

Pink Lace

Sport of Duc de Rohan. Light pink with red spots in throat. ...

Pink Granthamiana

Large to very large, flat single pink with notched petals. ...

Pink Frost

Silvery pink with lighter edge. Sport of Pink Pagoda. ...

Pink Dream

Large single to semi-double. Soft orchid pink. Long ...

Pink Dahlia (S)

Orchid pink, miniature to small formal double with slender ...


Double, white petals edged salmon pink.

Phyllis Hunt (R)

Edged deep pink, shading from light pink to white at ...


(Formosa) Large, single purple.

Phil Sherringham

Large double, light orchid pink.

Perle De Sweynaerde

Double, hose-in-hose, white with green throat.

Pearl's Pet

Rose pink. Miniature, anemone form. Vigorous, compact, ...

Pearl Maxwell

Shell pink. Medium, formal double. M-L.


Clear bright red. Very large, semi-double. Vigorous, ...

Paul Schame

Double, salmon pink to light orange.

Patricia Ann

Very large, semi-double. Light pink washing to creamy white ...

Pale Moonlight

Pale orchid pink toned lighter toward center. Some petals ...

Painted Desert(n)

Large, single. Pale pink to near white, bordered deep rose ...


Large rose pink single. Flared stamens with occasional ...

Owen Henry

Sport of Sunset Glory. Light pink. M.

Otto Hopfer (R)

Large, irregular semi-double, brilliant, light red. ...