Nuccio's Nurseries
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Nuccio's Nurseries

Elegans Champagne

Beautiful sport of Elegans Splendor. White with creamy ...

Elegans Splendor

Beautiful, heavily serrated sport of C. M. Wilson. Sheen in ...

Elegans Supreme

Sport of Chandleri. Rose pink with very deep petal ...

Elegant Beauty (S)

Deep rose. Large, semi-double to anemone. Vigorous, open ...

Elegant Beauty -var-

Variegated form of Elegant Beauty. Deep rose blotched ...

Elizabeth Dowd Silver

Sport of Elizabeth Dowd. Blush pink bordered white. Large ...

Elizabeth Weaver

Large formal double. Coral pink. Medium, upright compact ...

Emil De Konnick

Large, semi-double, ruffled, variegated white with purple ...

Emma Gaeta -var-

(R) Deep rose red. Blotched white. Very large, semi-double. ...

Emmett Barnes

White. Large. Semi-double. Medium, upright full growth. E-M.

Erin Farmer

White washed and shaded orchid pink. Large, semi-double to ...


Deep pink. Large, semi-double with curled and creped outer ...

Festival Queen

Large double Belgian type. Very creamy white.

Fielder's White

Large, single white.


Sport of Alba Plena with fringed petals. E-M.


Medium, semi-double white striped red, fluted petals. ...


Medium, semi-double white striped red, fluted petals. ...

Fire Chief (R)

Deep red. Large, semi-double to peony form. L.

Fire Chief -var-

Variegated form of Fire Chief. Deep red mottled white. ...


Medium. Tubular semi-double. Bright orange red. Upright ...


Bright orange red, blotched white form of Firedance. M.


Semi-double, rose red.


Deep red. Medium to large semi-double. M.


Deep red. Medium to large semi-double. M.