Nuccio's Nurseries
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Nuccio's Nurseries


Beautifully unique sport of Jean Hearrens. Bordered salmon ...


Medium, white with large and small stripes of rose red and ...


(Shishi Gashira x Yuhsienensis, Dr. Kaoru Hagiya) Small, ...


Brilliant orange red single with bright yellow ...

Yuki Komachi

Medium, pale pink to white in center. Irregular ...

Yuki Geshiki

Blush pink. Small to medium. Anemone to peony. Petaloids ...

Yours Truly

Pink with rose pink streaks, bordered white. Medium, ...

Yoshimi Gatake

White toned dark orchid pink. Hose-in-hose.

Yinfen Mudan

Large semi-double. Clear pink. Vigorous, upright growth. M.

Witman Yellow

Creamy white, sometimes pale yellow. Semi-double. Medium, ...

Winner's Circle (n)(R)

Very large, salmon pink, semi-double to loose peony form. ...

Willow Wand

(Takeiyeh) Light orchid pink. Large, rose form double to ...

William Hertrich

Deep cherry red. Very large, semi-double with heavy, ...

Wildfire (n)

Orange red. Medium, semi-double. E-M.


Pink, edged white with occasional red stripe. Small, ...


Pink, edged white with occasional red stripe. Small, ...

White Prince

Sport of Rose Queen. White with red spots in throat.

White Orchids

Large, single to semi-double, ruffled white with showy red ...

White Nun

White. Very large, semi-double. M.

White Lace

White sport of Duc de Rohan.

White Grandeur

Large double white. Round dark glossy leaves.

White Doves Benten(n)(S)

Foliage sport of White Doves. Irregularly shaped gray green ...

White Doves

(Mine-No-Yuki)— White, semi-double. Low growth.

White Cleopatra

White sport of Cleopatra.

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