Nuccio's Nurseries
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Nuccio's Nurseries


Large double, vivid red. Vigorous, compact growth.

Mme. Alfred Sander

(Fred Sander) Large, double, rich red.

Adrian Steyart

Large double. Mauve.


Semi-double white with petals edged coral.


Large, double, orange salmon.

Blushing Bride

Very large, semi-double to hose-in-hose, blush-pink.

Cajun Queen

Single, ruffled white. Sport of Mardi Gras.

California Beauty

(My Fair Lady) Sport of California Sunset. Salmon pink with ...

California Pink Dawn

Large double, blush pink, Sport of California Sunset.

California Peach

Peach pink sport of California Pink Dawn.

California Snow

Sport of California Sunset. Large double white, on rare ...

California Sunset

Salmon pink with petals edged white.

* Chimes

Semi-double, bell shaped, rich red.

Dr. Bergman

Semi-double variegated, coral rose center to pink with ...

Emil De Konnick

Large, semi-double, ruffled, variegated white with purple ...

Jean Hearrens

Double, rose pink.

John Hearrens

Large, double white with purplish red edge.

Mardi Gras

Single, ruffled. Salmony orange with a white border. Sport ...

Orange Sander

Orange red sport of Mme. Alfred Sander.


Large, semi-double, orchid pink.

Paul Schame

Double, salmon pink to light orange.

Perle De Sweynaerde

Double, hose-in-hose, white with green throat.

* Pink Bergman

Flesh pink sport of Dr. Bergman.

Pink Pearl

Large, double, pale pink.

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