Nuccio's Nurseries
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Nuccio's Nurseries

Sukiya Little Princess

Small. Single. Very light pink. Stamens sometimes have pale ...

Showa Wabisuke

(C. Saluenensis ‘Apple Blossom’) Small single white toned ...

Shiro Wabisuke

Small. Single. White. Fragrant. Medium, upright growth. E-M.

* Otohime

Small. Single. Rose pink often blotched white. Medium, ...


Miniature to small. Single. Deep pink. Slow, compact, bushy ...

Hina Wabisuki

Small. Single. Rose pink. Fragrant. Medium, upright growth. ...

Fukurin Wabisuke

Small. Single. Light pink bordered white. Fragrant. Medium, ...

White Lace

White sport of Duc de Rohan.

Iveryana Lavender

Light lavender sport of Iveryana.

Indica Alba Perfecta

Single white. Strong but quite compact. Looks like a ...


(Formosa) Large, single purple.

Pride of Dorking

Single, brilliant red.

Pink Lace

Sport of Duc de Rohan. Light pink with red spots in throat. ...


Variegated pinky lavender with white edges.

Glory of Sunnyhill

Single, brilliant orange red.

George L. Taber

Large, single, light pinky lavender with white edges and ...

Fielder's White

Large, single white.

Duc De Rohan

Single salmon with rose throat.

G.G. Gerbing

Large, single, pure white.


Blush pink. Single. Small. Medium, upright, bushy growth. M.


Brilliant red. Small. Single. Tubular shape. Medium, ...

Oshima White

White. Single. Small. Medium, upright growth. M.

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