Nuccio's Nurseries
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Nuccio's Nurseries

Professor Wolters

Large, single, salmon rose edged white. Showy red throat.


Double, rich violet purple.


Double, cameo pink with white margin and rose red throat.

Vervaeneana Alba

Double white with green throat.

Villiam Van Orange

Orange red, ruffled, medium single.


Beautifully unique sport of Jean Hearrens. Bordered salmon ...

Ace O' Hearts

Red. Medium to large. Semi-double to rose form. Handsome, ...

Adolphe Audusson -var-

Dark Red. Large semi-double. M.

Alba Plena

White. Medium, formal double. E-M.

Acs Jubilee

Soft pink. Medium to large. Formal double to rose ...

Adolphe Audusson

Dark Red. Large semi-double. M.

Alta Gavin

Medium to large. White, edged deep pink. ...

Amabel Lansdell

Pink with cream center. Large semi-double. Medium, open ...

Ave Maria

Silvery pink. Medium, formal double. E-M.


Very showy sport of oo-la-la! Strawberry pink heavily ...

Baby Pearl

Small formal double. White, shaded and washed orchid pink. ...

Ballet Dancer

Medium, full peony form, cream shading to coral pink at ...

Berenice Boddy

Medium, semi-double, light pink with deep pink under ...

Betty Foy Sanders

White, heavily variegated with rose red streaks. Medium, ...

Black Magic

Very dark glossy red. Medium, irregular semi-double to rose ...