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Miscellaneous Hybrid Azaleas


Large, single, beautiful clear lavender.

Captain Blood

Medium double dark red. Dark green foliage.

Bride's Bouguet

White, medium size, full double.


Medium, hose-in-hose. Salmon pink.

Amoena Coccinea

(Kurume type) Small hose-in-hose, vivid magenta. Vigorous, ...

White Grandeur

Large double white. Round dark glossy leaves.

Super Red

(Kerrigan's Super Red)(Kerrigan hybrid P.P. #4749) Large ...

Red Bird

Large ruffled, hose-in-hose, brilliant red.

Mission Bells

(P.P. #2872) Semi-double, bell-shaped, brilliant red, long ...

Kehr's Moonbeam

(627-8A x Green Glow) Dr. August Kehr, a plant geneticist ...