Nuccio's Nurseries
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Kurume Azaleas


Small hose-in-hose purple.

* Santoi

Single. Soft salmon pink.

Apple Blossom

Single white tipped pink.


Single. Pure white. Mass bloom.

Coral Bells

Coral pink, shading deeper toward center. Flowers small ...


Single. White tinted pinkish lavender toward edge.


Medium, crimson red, hose-in-hose.

Hino Crimson

Single, brilliant red.


Single. Off white, petals distinctly tipped salmon.

Laughing Water

(Southern Indica type) One of the finest. Large, single, ...


Single, brilliant purple.


Small hose-in-hose, very creamy-white, almost yellow. ...


(Southern Indica type) Medium single. Soft, cool lavender.

Nuccio's High Sierra

Hose-in-hose white. Compact.

Nuccio's Rose Glitters

Medium single, brilliant rose red. Vigorous growth. Long ...

Old Ming

Small single, purple, vigorous upright growth.

Orchid Star

Small single star shaped flower, lavender. Medium compact ...

Ruby Glow

(Ward’s Ruby)— Single. Blood red.

Ruby Nugget

(Size Sport of Ruby Glow) Very small single, blood red. ...

Sakata Rust

Single. Rusty orange red.


Hose-in-hose, rich pink, shading to pale pink center.

Sherwood Pink

Single, deep rich pink.

Sherwood Red

Brilliant orange red, single.

Singing Fountain

Single, light salmon tipped deep salmon.

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