Nuccio's Nurseries
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Chandleri Elegans Pink

(Francine)—Rose pink. Large to very large, anemone form. ...

Chang's Temple (True)

Large, China rose, open center with some petaloids. ...


Unusual lavender pink. Irregular formal double. Low growing.

Charlie Bettes

White. Large to very large, irregular semi-double. E-M.

Cherries Jubilee

Burgundy red with red and white petaloids intermingled with ...

Chie Tarumoto

Blush pink. Medium, formal double. Medium upright growth. M.

China Lady(n)

(Buddha x Granthamiana) Rich orchid pink. Very large, ...

Choji Guruma

Anemone. Light pink, toning deeper toward edges of both ...

Chow's Han-Ling

Beautiful white sport of Carter's Sunburst with blush pink ...

Chris Bergamini

(Don and Mary Bergamini) White stiped with varying shades ...

Clarise Carlton

Salmon red. Large to very large semi-double. Slow to ...

Clarise Carlton -var-

Variegated form of Clarise Carlton. Salmon red mottled ...


Rose pink. Single.


Soft pink, delicately bordered with a pinpoint white ...


Blush pink. Large, formal to rose form double. E-M.


Red blotched white. Small to medium peony. Slow, upright, ...

Commander Mulroy

Blush to white, edged pink with pink center. Medium, formal ...

Confetti Blush

Sport of Confetti. Miniature, formal double to anemone ...


Orchid pink. Large, semi-double with high center. M.


Coral rose. Large semi-double to loose peony form. M-L.


Large, single frilled, phlox pink.

Contad Hilton

White sport of High Hat. Medium to large, peony form. E.

Contemplation (SP)

Lavender pink. Medium, semi-double with occasional ...


Large, single, beautiful clear lavender.