The Wabisuke (pronounced “wa-bis-kay”) Camellias of Japan, although Japonica-like in general appearance,
are thought to be of hybrid origin. Generally, the plants are small to medium leafed and rather
shrubby. The flowers are tubular, single and small. Curiously, most have stamens without, or with very few,
pollen sacs (anthers). They produce plants of simple beauty in the garden, and the exquisite single blossoms
are a flower arranger’s delight.


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Fukurin Wabisuke

Small. Single. Light pink bordered white. Fragrant. Medium, ...

Hina Wabisuki

Small. Single. Rose pink. Fragrant. Medium, upright growth. ...


Miniature to small. Single. Deep pink. Slow, compact, bushy ...

* Otohime

Small. Single. Rose pink often blotched white. Medium, ...

Shiro Wabisuke

Small. Single. White. Fragrant. Medium, upright growth. E-M.

Showa Wabisuke

(C. Saluenensis ‘Apple Blossom’) Small single white toned ...

Sukiya Little Princess

Small. Single. Very light pink. Stamens sometimes have pale ...