For centuries the people of Japan have shown an appreciation for the beauty of the wild Camellia Japonica (Yabu Tsubaki). Widely found in Japanese art and highly treasured for flower arranging, the single Japonica is pure Camellia beauty in its simplest form. We are most pleased to be able to offer the following varieties. (A special note of thanks to Messrs. Satoshi Kimura, Hideo Shimizu and Hiroshi Terada for selecting the three wild Camellias from Oshima Island.)

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Single Japonicas


White. Single. Small. Somewhat tubular. Medium, upright ...


Deep pink. Single. Miniature to small. Well spaced petals. ...

Oshima Pink

Light pink. Single. Small. Medium, upright growth. M.

Oshima Red

Rose red. Single. Small. Medium, upright growth. This is ...

Oshima White

White. Single. Small. Medium, upright growth. M.


Brilliant red. Small. Single. Tubular shape. Medium, ...


Blush pink. Single. Small. Medium, upright, bushy growth. M.