The Rusticanas, (Snow Camellias), considered by many to be a Japonica sub-species, come from the higher elevations of Japan where they are insulated  from the cold by a snow covering. When the snow melts in the spring, they burst into a mass of color. Rusticanas are generally characterized by their bushy and compact growth, smaller flowers, and profuse blooming habit.


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Rusticana Camellias

Nishiki Kirin

Small rose form. Pink striped red. Very showy. Compact, ...

Shiro Karako

Miniature to small, white, anemone form. Vigorous, ...

Yuki Geshiki

Blush pink. Small to medium. Anemone to peony. Petaloids ...

Yuki Komachi

Medium, pale pink to white in center. Irregular ...

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