Hybrid Camellias are those having two or more species (usually Japonica mixed with other species) in their parentage. Both flower and growth habit will vary greatly depending upon species involved.

To help identify the various parentages the following code is used:

R—Reticulata Hybrid. These usually produce large to very large blossoms on vigorous, open growing plants.

S—Saluenensis Hybrid. Although these vary greatly in growth habit, ranging from very compact to open and leggy, Saluenensis hybrids characteristically are small-leafed, Sasanqua-like plants that produce small to medium flowers, are very profuse, and tend to set buds even when young. Many are reputed to be cold hardy.

SP—These are actually Pitardii hybrids, but their overall appearance and performance are that of Saluenensis hybrids.


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Hybrid Camellias

Flirtation (S)

Small to medium. Tubular single, silvery pink.Very profuse ...

Fire Chief -var-

Variegated form of Fire Chief. Deep red mottled white. ...

Fire Chief (R)

Deep red. Large, semi-double to peony form. L.

* Elsie Hughes (R)

Very large, deep pink. Rose form to semi-double. Vigorous, ...

Elegant Beauty -var-

Variegated form of Elegant Beauty. Deep rose blotched ...

Elegant Beauty (S)

Deep rose. Large, semi-double to anemone. Vigorous, open ...

El Dorado (SP)

Light pink. Large, full peony form. M.

E.G. Waterhouse -var-

Variegated form of E.G. Waterhouse. Very beautiful high ...

Dr. Louis Plizzi

(Saluenensis-Reticulata hybrid) White shaded orchid pink. ...

Dream Boat (S)

Bright orchid pink. Medium to large. Formal double with ...