The Higos from Japan, considered a strain of Japonica, offer excellent landscape-type Camellias because of
their simplicity, profusion of bloom, beautiful single plum blossom-style flowers (flared stamens) with
excellent texture that fall in one piece.

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Higo Camellias


Veined pink with occasional red bar or stripe. Fine white ...

Mikuni-No-Homare Red

Red sport of Mikuni-No-Homare. A good red Higo. M.


Medium pink. Medium to large, single, flared stamens. ...

Nioi Fubuki

White striped rose. Medium to large, wavy, single with ...


Sport of Yamato Nishiki. Medium. Single, flared stamens. ...


Large rose pink single. Flared stamens with occasional ...

Shira Ogi

White. Medium, single, heavy flared golden stamens. Medium, ...

Shira Yuki

Medium, single white with round, ruffle edged petals and ...


Blush pink. Medium to large single, flared stamens. ...

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