Fragrance has been the one quality most notably lacking in Camellias in spite of their other beautiful characteristics. For many years hybridizers from around the world have been attempting to breed fragrance into Camellias, in particular, by using the very sweet smelling species, Camellia Lutchuensis. We know you will be pleased with any of the following fragrant Lutchuensis hybrids.

For Camellias with fragrance other than Lutchuensis hybrids see:

Camellia Japonica: Herme, Kramer's Supreme, Scentsation, Spring Sonnet.
Hybrid Camellias:
Scented Sun.
Camellia Species:
Forrestii, Fraterna, Grijsii, Grijsii Zhenzhucha, Kissi, Lutchuensis, Miyagii, Synaptica, Tsail, Yushsienensis, Yunnanensis, Higo Camellias, Nioi Fubuki.
Wabisuke: Fukurin Wabisuke, Hina Wabisuke, Shiro Wabisuke, Showa Wabisuke.
Related Genus: Cleyera Japonica.

Nuccio's Nurseries
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Fragrance Camellia's

Sweet Emily Kate

Blush pink shading to pale pink in center. Small to medium, ...

Spring Mist

Small, semi-double, blush pink shading to white. Vigorous, ...


Miniature to small loose peony. White with pink near edges. ...

Scented Gem

Beautiful hybrid miniature. Tiny fuchsia pink anemone with ...


Deep pink single. Miniature. Medium, upright, slightly ...


Single. Light pink toned deep pink. Miniature. Medium, ...


Small, single. Rose pink. Medium, upright, lacy growth. E-M.

High Fragrance

Pale ivory pink with deeper pink shades at edge. Medium, ...

Fragrant Pink

Deep pink. Miniature, loose peony form. Medium, upright, ...