There are a number of Camellias that are as attractive, if not more so, for their leaf patterns and growth
habits as they are for their flowers. Any of the following would add interest to any Camellia collection.
(You will note the use of the word “Benten” on several varieties. This word has been used in Japan to
indicate a variety on which the leaf is darker in the center and bordered by a lighter margin. We have
decided to continue this tradition with such varieties developed in this country as well.) “J” indicates
Japonica; “S” Sasanqua.

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White Doves Benten(n)(S)

Foliage sport of White Doves. Irregularly shaped gray green ...

Unryu (J)

Medium upright plant with very unusual zig-zag growth ...

Tiny Gem(n)

This chance seedling, we believe, may be a Fraterna ...

Taiyo (J)

Rich green foliage with irregular yellow pattern along ...


White with faint rose border. Medium, single. An unusual ...

Shibori Egao Corkscrew(n)

Pink mottled white form of Egao Corkscrew.

Sasanqua Compacta(n)

(S) Very dark green dwarf Sasanqua. Although not profuse, ...

Sakazuki-Ba Tsubaki (J)

("SAKE CUP CAMELLIA") Medium,rose red, cup shaped with ...

Ryu-Guh (J)

Small orange red single. Beautiful dark green foliage with ...

Nuccio's Bella Rossa Benten

((See Nuccio's Bella Rosa Crinkled, Camellia Japonica))

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