Nuccio's Nurseries
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Camellia Reticulata


Vivid pink with deeper veins. Large, semi-double with ...

Mandalay Queen

Rose pink. Very large, semi-double with fluted petals. M-L.

Crimson Robe

Carmine red. Very large, semi-double with wavy, crinkled ...


Rose red to red marbled white. Large, semi-double to peony ...

* Chrysanthemum Petal

Light carmine pink. Rose form to semidouble, medium. M.

Chang's Temple (True)

Large, China rose, open center with some petaloids. ...

Captain Rawes

Carmine rose pink. Very large, semi-double with irregular ...

Butterfly Wings

Rose pink. Very large, semi-double with irregular, broad, ...


Salmon pink. Very large, single to semi-double. ...


Orchid pink. Large, semi-double with high center. M.

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