Please note:
Some varieties in the 12-18" size may be slightly smaller due to such varietal characteristics as growth rate and growth habit. This is particularly true of varieties described as compact, low or slow growing. These varieties may be smaller in the other sizes as well.

The following symbols indicate:

(n)  -A Nuccio's Nurseries Introduction.

 *    -Not available this season.


Nuccio's Nurseries
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Camellia Japonica

Grace Bunton

Small to medium semi-double. Very light pink toned deeper ...

Grace Albritton

Small, formal double. Light pink, deeper at edge. Medium, ...

Glen 40 -var-

Deep red blotched white form of Glen 40. M-L.

General George Patton

Bright pink. Medium, rose form double. M-L.

Miyako Dori

Medium to large, white semi-double, with narrow petals. ...

Miss Charleston -var-

Variegated form of Miss Charleston. Medium to large. Loose ...

Midnight Serenade (n)

Medium to large, single. Brilliant, very dark red. Bushy, ...

Midnight Magic (n)

Very dark maroon red. Medium peony. Center petaloids tinted ...

Midnight -var-

Variegated form of Midnight. Black red mottled white. M.

Memphis Belle

Large semi-double red with heavy white variegation. M.