Please note:
Some varieties in the 12-18" size may be slightly smaller due to such varietal characteristics as growth rate and growth habit. This is particularly true of varieties described as compact, low or slow growing. These varieties may be smaller in the other sizes as well.

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(n)  -A Nuccio's Nurseries Introduction.

 *    -Not available this season.


Nuccio's Nurseries
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Camellia Japonica


Red blotched white. Small to medium peony. Slow, upright, ...


Blush pink. Large, formal to rose form double. E-M.

C.M. Hovey

(Col. Firey) Dark red. Medium formal double. M-L.


Soft pink, delicately bordered with a pinpoint white ...

Clarise Carlton -var-

Variegated form of Clarise Carlton. Salmon red mottled ...

Clarise Carlton

Salmon red. Large to very large semi-double. Slow to ...

Chris Bergamini

(Don and Mary Bergamini) White stiped with varying shades ...

Chow's Han-Ling

Beautiful white sport of Carter's Sunburst with blush pink ...

Chie Tarumoto

Blush pink. Medium, formal double. Medium upright growth. M.

Charlie Bettes

White. Large to very large, irregular semi-double. E-M.